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Nothing says Irish like Beautiful Lace

Nothing says Irish like Beautiful Lace
Click on photo for Earlene Moore's tutorial for beautiful fondant lace and have fun with your next cake!



Monday, August 1, 2011

Making a curved board for your cakes

I recently made a wedding cake for my niece, Tailor.  She wanted a cake with piping, not molded lace.  I showed her some cakes that I had done in the last year with royal icing piped details and we designed her a small cake.  I wanted the board to be curved up - not flat and since this was for a family member and a gift, I could essentially "play" with this cake. 

The bottom cake was a 12" cake that was on a 1/2 piece of foam core board cut to the exact size of the cake.  Make a batch of royal icing (I think you could use chocolate in the cooler months or even buttercream to do this with.)

Royal Icing

I then used a 13", 14" and 15" round pans turned upside down
(so that I was actually drawing a slightly bigger circle) and cut them out. 

Dab Royal Icing on the bottom board and add the next size to the top of it and then do the same to the next board.  Let dry til set.

Fill in between the boards with royal icing, smoothing as you go

Go around the board holding your palette knife at an angle to completely fill in the spaces between the boards.

Set it aside and let it dry to the touch.   


This can be made way in advance or the day of the wedding. 


Cover the board with fondant and mark the center the same size as the cake.

Cut the center out and remove the fondant circle where the cake will be set.  

Dab in royal icing to hold the cake in place.

Place cake into the opening on the board.  
I then ran a bead of royal icing around the seam.  I then sectioned it off to add in the lattice and pearls.

I added pressed lace pieces below the lattice, piped a ruffle with a shell on top of that, used a pressed flower petunia (you can get the lace piece and petunia cutter/veiner from Jennifer Dontz's Sugar Delites.  I piped royal icing details and used luster dust to bring out a pearl sheen to the board.  I added a piece of tasseled gimp to the edge of the board to finish it off.

  Voila!!!!  A board that is very romantic and part of the cake decor.

Tutorial and Photography by Denise Talbot
Copyright 2011
This material may not be republished or reproduced in any manner without the expressed permission of the author.


  1. wow,very nice,elegant,a lot of work

  2. Such a great idea! I love the piping on the top tier and the ruffles on the bottom tier. Could you share some details on how you did those (what tip you used etc). Thanks! The cake is beautiful!


  3. Thanks for the sweet compliments. I appreciate it.

    The top tier was impressed with a diamond impression mat first. I piped with a star tip #16 going in one direction first all the way around. I then came back and filled in the other way but not overlapping the other line. I then added a pearl in each intersection. The bottom ruffle was piped with a #4 rose tip and overpiped with a star tip #16. The lattice was piped with a #2 or 3 round tip. Other piping was with a #2 tip. Middle cake was piped with a star tip #16. Hope this helps!

  4. Whem can I put the diamond impresion , because I have a big problem whem I put it on butter cream or fondant , can you tell me what you do or what kind of butter cream you used or fondant, I dont have much expierence,

    Thank you

  5. Sorry I didn't see this before. I use a crusting all butter buttercream. I make my own fondant but any kind of fondant will work.

    Let buttercream crust over slightly til it is no longer sticky and then impress with the mat. HTH


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