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Nothing says Irish like Beautiful Lace

Nothing says Irish like Beautiful Lace
Click on photo for Earlene Moore's tutorial for beautiful fondant lace and have fun with your next cake!



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going to a Cake Challenge

Here is a picture of our team - left to right, Denise Talbot, Texas, Jennifer Dontz, Michigan, Martha Hebert and Becky Guidry, Louisiana

I recently had the thrill of a lifetime - one of the highlights of my life as a cake decorator. I think I have arrived as a professional.

On May 21, 2009, I was hauling my Quarter Horse, Dashing Big Red, up to Texas A & M to be shod. Hubby was driving and we were chitchatting about nothing. My phone rings and I see it is Martha Hebert calling. Martha is always fun to talk to so I eagerly answered the phone. Martha asked me what I was doing in July...what did I have planned? I said "Whatcha got going, Chickie?"

Martha, being the sly fox she is, just asked what I had going on! I said I had a wedding cake on Friday the 3rd and a wedding cake on the the following Saturday. She then dropped this bomb on me:

"Can you go to California with us?"

"Do y'all have a class there?" I asked.

"No...can you go?" she asked again.

So I said "Sure...I can go...where are we going and why?!"

Then the bigger bomb......

"Hollywood...we are going to Hooolllllyyyyywooood for a Cake Challenge!!"

Oh my gosh...I nearly passed out in the truck...thank goodness my hubby was driving or we would have ended up in the ditch. "Cake Challenge? CAKE CHALLENGE????? ON TV????"

Martha just laughed and said "yes!!!" My brain went blank I think for a few minutes. Martha was still telling me details. She said "You know how to do poured sugar and gum paste right?" I said "of course" and that is how it began.

Jennifer Dontz, my good friend from Michigan was brought on board after numerous phone calls from me and a wrangling of schedules. Jennifer and her husband drove down to the coast to visit his friends in southern Louisiana and I met them in St. Martinville, Louisiana to meet with the Two Sweet Sisters. We got a game plan going and we were all so excited.

The six weeks went by so fast it was frightening...the next thing I knew I was on a plane to Houston to meet the Sisters. We flew together to Los Angeles and met up with Jennifer. We arrived in LA to a fabulous display of fireworks going off in honor of the Forth of July.

The next day on Sunday we were able to go set up our kitchen - everything was laid out and ready to go. On Monday, we went to the studio and met the other teams - wonderful, talented folks. We filmed a few shots of the teams together and it was so much fun!!!

Tuesday was the big day! Off we went to the studio and gave it our all. We worked like little machines, each with a task to do, tasks we do every week in our on kitchens as we make wedding cakes for brides.

No matter what the outcome was I felt like a winner because I had been chosen by Martha and Becky to be on their team. That I had this fabulous opportunity to work with them so closely on something that was so much fun, a major challenge, and the thrill of competing.

I came home with so many good memories...spending days with my good friends, laughing and talking, learning new things and having new experiences. What more could I ask for?

I can't wait for it to air. I hope that I look like I knew what I was doing!!! It is supposed to air either in September or October and I can't wait. We are going to have a party at my house to watch it on our big giant 64" TV. I expect to get tons of critiques from my family who aren't shy about their opinions!

It was one of the highlights of my professional life and a personal thrill as well. I had such a good time I am ready to go again so if Martha calls and says "what are you doing?" I am going to do my best to be right there with her and Becky, making cakes and talking up a storm...someone said we all had accents. Accent? What accent? A girl from southeast Texas, two girls from southern Louisiana and one girl from Michigan don't have accents.

Thanks so much, Martha Hebert, Becky Guidry and Jennifer Dontz. I had a blast and will forever cherish the memories.

Denise Talbot

Cakes So Special

Proudly standing by my wedding cake in my Ultimate Cake Off by TLC pink jacket that the Two Sweet Sisters ordered for themselves, Jennifer Dontz and me. My pink jacket caused quiet a stir at the Country Club! Not because of the Ultimate Cake Off - but the pretty pink color!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Marbled fondant

You can achieve this marbled look very quickly and easily!

In order to marble the fondant, you need 2 colors to mix. I started with this pink and added the blue to it for my marble on this cake.
Start by getting the fondant very pliable.
Then I roll out strips, generally the same length, but not precisely.
Twist them together and stretch, repeating a few times, but not too many!
Lay out the fondant for rolling.
Roll the fondant out, careful not to stretch it too much, you don't want to have to knead again, or you will lose the marbling.
If you don't have 2 colors, you can add colors this way. Add a dab of your usual cake colors in several places, folding as you go.
Knead and twist as I showed with the 2 color option.
Again, not too much, or you will lose your marbled look.
Roll out and place on cake.
This is an easy way to add a different look, a little fun with an otherwise simple, elegant design.
I forgot to take a picture of this blue cake, but I've included a picture of another marbled cake I did.
photos and tutorial by Brenda Donner 2009
All rights reserved
This material may not be republished or reproduced in any manner without the expressed permission of the author.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fondant Made Easier with a Lifter

Another tool to make the cake decorators life easier to manage is the Fondant Lifter from ChocoPan.

The rings link together forming a flat surface to roll out the fondant. When the fondant is rolled to the desired diameter, simply lift the outer ring.

The inner rings detach, but the fondant is held intact on the outer ring, which is easily lifted and centered over the cake. Lower the ring down over the cake, and now the fondant is ready to smooth.

This fondant lifter is easy to order from ChocoPan online. I have personally found their service to be friendly, helpful and have quick delivery.

Check it out!
Click here

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A Very Sweet Tutorial by Bobbie Noto
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