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Nothing says Irish like Beautiful Lace

Nothing says Irish like Beautiful Lace
Click on photo for Earlene Moore's tutorial for beautiful fondant lace and have fun with your next cake!



Monday, August 16, 2010

It's All in the Details!

I have seen some cake boards with a lined groove in them and have been trying to figure out how they made them.  So here's my version of it.

  I first covered my cake board with fondant.  This was a 16 inch wide 1/2 inch particle board.

Trim off excess.

Find the middle of board.  Using a very large skewer, I just pressed it into the fondant, going all the way around.  It was kind of hard to keep it centered.

The middle doesn't look great, but it was going to be covered anyway!  I let it dry for a few days before adding any cake.

I then made flip flops.  I just cut a shoe shape, added the little flowers and pressed a patterned mat on the top.

I then poked the holes, rolled out a strip of fondant/gum paste and gave it some stitching.  I folded it in half and rounded the middle between my fingers a bit and put it in the first hole at the toe of the flip flop.

Then take some plastic wrap and put on the flip flop.  Take the ends of the straps over the plastic wrap and break the excess strap off where the other holes are, rounding the ends a little to fit into the hole.  I added the little flower in the middle just for and extra touch.  Let dry for a few days.

When it was time to make the chocolate cake, I used a 12" x 18" pan to bake the cake.  I cut it into fourths and stacked with cookies and cream filling in between the layers.  The top half was carved to make it rounded and the sides where angled some.  Pink fondant covered the whole cake.  White fondant was added over the pink and the stitching effect was used on the edges and straps.  I made a simple cord strap to the purse. 

I'm also testing products for Melissa Dotson over at Decorate the Cake.  I used her Studded Oval Buckle to make the buckle on this purse.  The buckle was made from gum paste and I let it dry for a few days.  Silver luster dust was then painted on it.  The purse strap was threaded through the buckle.

You can find the buckle on her site here.

I also used Melissa's 5 Petal Blossom mold.  They are really quick and easy to make.  Just dust a little cornstarch or luster dust onto the mold, add the gum paste or fondant, press the molds together and voila!  Easy peasy!!

You can find this mold here.

This gift bag was made from another 12" x 18" pan cut in half and layered with filling.  It's covered with purple fondant and stamped with a regular stamp using a deeper purple luster dust and lemon extract.

Nail polish bottle is all gum paste painted with sparkle dust on the bottom and luster dust on top.

This was a fun cake to make!!

Copyright 2011- Rhonda Christensen
PHotography by Rhonda Christensen 2011-all rights reserved
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  1. Great tutorial on the cake board. Came out nice. I loved those flip flops!! I need to stop by more often. Great blog!

  2. This is such an awesome tutorial Rhonda! Your cake is fabulous and I love all the tips you have shared! Thank you!!

  3. Great cake and love the tutorial..Thanks for sharing!
    Awesome cake board...

  4. How do you attach the ribbon around the edge of the cake board? I love the effect of the grooved cake board - thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Un tutorial estupendo, gracias por el esfuerzo de explicarlo y compartirlo con todos.

  6. Great tutorial...very detailed. Thanks for sharing!

  7. for Melissa Dotson over at Decorate the Cake. I used her Studded Oval Buckle to make the love language test buckle on this purse. The buckle was made from gum paste and I let it dry for a few days. Silver luster dust was then painted on it. The purse strap was threaded through the buckle.


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