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Modeling Chocolate Roses

Modeling Chocolate Roses
Check out Mame Recckio Wolfe's tutorial for modeling chocolate roses! Amazing! Thank you Mame!



Monday, March 15, 2010

Oops!! How Do I Fix That?!!

Have you ever had those days when it seems like everything keeps going wrong?  I was having one of those while I was making this cake for a bridal show.

I had so much trouble with my black fondant breaking and cracking and pitting!  Used the wrong type of coloring medium!!  Anyway...I was finally able to get my fondant to work and finished up this cake.  The last thing I put on it were the gems.  I did that right before I went to bed.  The gems felt securely on the cake, so off I went to slumberland.

In the morning....I found...OH NO!!!  What the heck!!  Several of the gems had slid down the side  Now what am I going to do!!!!!  I thought that since it was red on white, it would be impossible to remove that huge streak. 

Then I remembered reading somewhere that you can use vodka or lemon extract to clean up the spot!!  Yea!!

I used a Qtip and carefully started wiping the smudge area.  I used several Qtips because they would get really soak up that red and get dirty. 

Volia!!  Like new again!!  I then reattached the gems and was happy how this cake turned out!!

You can also use this method to clean up luster dust mistakes or smears.  If you are painting something on your cake with luster, make sure you think in terms painting a wall in your house.  Use paper towels or pieces of paper like you would drop clothes.  They can be butted right up to the area in which you are painted so that you don't get smudges where you don't want them.  Use very small paint brushes in small areas and wipe them off frequently.

Hope this helps someone in need!! 

Tutorial by Rhonda Christensen
All Rights Reserved

This material may not be republished or reproduced in any manner without the expressed permission of the author.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I find it extremely helpful! I had this problem and didn't know what to do before. :)

  2. Very helpful Rhonda, thanks for posting this. I can vouch for how well it works. Painted some trim on an upper tier with gold luster dust, didn't think to protect the lower tier with paper toweling. Results were bits of gold scattered over the bottom tier top. I tried blowing it away and only made it worse. Finally did the alcohol and Q-tip technique and got nearly all of it off. That you were able to remove red just shows how well this works.

  3. Wow, I never knew that. I'll going to have to write this down in my decorating books. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Faithy, Shirley and Michel-lee!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Rhonda! I love that black and white cake!!

  6. Rhonda,
    Thank you so very much for this tip. I would of certainly of panicked and had no idea this would of been possible to correct in such a simple way. A tip worth sharing and saving cake decorators in a jam.
    By the way, that cake was stunningly beautiful.

  7. This is such a great tip Rhonda!!
    I would have totally panicked.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Thanks so much Stephanie, Deb and Jacque! I did panic when I first saw this!! This tip has helped on so many cakes!!

  9. That was amazing, Thanks for sharing... that really helped!!!

  10. Brilliant tip, thanks for sharing

  11. It's very very very beautiful! I like it! I want to ask you...After you put fondant on the cake, the cake keep it in the fridge? Or keep it at room temperature? Thanks! Mary

  12. Thank you for life saver tip. Beautiful cake
    Sandra :)

  13. Great tip Thank you! but would the vodka/lemon trick work on coloured icing as well as white?

  14. i had forgotten that thanks for reminding me

  15. I ordered a cake with fondant in 2 colors of tan and white to make a camouflage marbled look. WEll one color is wrong. How can it be fixed quickly

  16. thank you! this is a great tip i definitely needed to read!

  17. The thing to remember though, is that the area you rub with vodka will be shiny. I have definitely used this trick many times but if the area I have to fix is large I may end up steaming the cake to hide the shiny area.


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