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Easy Sparkling Sugar Cookies

Easy Sparkling Sugar Cookies
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to make a Pillow (Cushion) Cake by Toni Brancatisano

BAKE a rectangle or square shaped cake.
For this tutorial, I used my large baking dishes... large rectangles.
1: once you have baked and torted your cake, begin my carving the shape of the cushion ... I like to roughly outline with a knife on the top of the cake.... a very rough guide, but it helps.... you could also use a template.. But I am not usually that organised!!!

2: Carve the 'shape' of the cushion, tapering corners, and curving sides.... this will give the more authentic cushion shape to your cake.

3: cover one side of cushion with BC, then fondant, and flip cake over onto cake board.

4: If you wish, you can emboss the top cover of the cushion... I used the embossing mat to help lift the fondant onto the top of the cushion, and then raised the mat off the fondant once happy with the position of the fondant on the cake.

You can do whatever you like with the design of the 'fabric' for your cushion..... quilting, painting, embossing, etc...............

5: Use a ribbon to help guide your stitching wheel to ensure straight lines.

6 & 7 * Create dents for buttons

* Create cord detail, holding in place with pins until dried in place.
(I leave the pins in overnight).
8: Paint cake as desired. You don't have to paint it of course, but that is what I did for this cushion.. All painted with Lustre Dusts & vodka.
Place your pre-made ballet slippers on the cake.... and hold in place with ROYAL ICING.

9: Voila..... finished cake!
This was my first cushion cake, and remains one of my cakes that I am still proud of. I did make the error of not covering the board, and while painting, flicked colour ... making a splattering all over the board.. hence the heart cut outs............ strategically placed to cover my mess!!!
I have included this photo of a 2 tier cushion cake dummy I did for a trade fair, to give another decorating idea.
What a brilliant tutorial!
Thank you for being our guest teacher this week Toni!
**********************About Toni**********************
Toni grew up in Melbourne, Australia and as a young adult her travels took her to Italy. She met her husband, and now calls Italy her home... Pietrasanta (LU) on the Tuscan coast. Disappointed that cakes, such as a simple cupcake, were impossible to find there, Toni began making special birthday cakes for her own children. She is now is serving the public with her own special brand of cake artistry!
Photos, patterns and tutorial by Tony Brancatisano ( Torteditoni ) 2009 all rights reserved
This tutorial was used with the expressed permission of Toni Brancatisano ( Torteditoni )
and may not be reproduced without written permission from the author.


  1. OMG...this pillow looks so real...fantastic design! CONGRATULATIONS to the pillow maker !

  2. Toni,
    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. This is a great step by step, concise and easy to follow!
    I cant wait to make my next pillow cake!!

  3. Toni,

    Thank you so much for creating this tutorial to add to this blog. It's fantastic!! Can't wait until I can make one!!

  4. Once again, an excellent tutorial!

  5. This cake is unbelievable!!! I might just try this for my daughter's birthday coming up. {nervous!} She's gonna flip! Thank you, thank you so much for sharing! Your ideas are AMAZING!

  6. Beautiful! This was a great tutorial. I am so new to fondant, but this helps me formulate and plan. I had trouble "painting" stencils onto fondant, so this helped with that too. I will try vodka next time. Any suggestions for painting on letter stencils? I tried this, but the plastic edges kept sticking up.

  7. I will ask the members of our team if anyone has any tips for using stencils! We will post the results soon! Thank you for asking.

  8. I am in love with your blog, but i have one question. Do you have a tutorial for a book cake, I would like to make one for my cousins birthday in January. THANKS!!!!!

  9. thanyou for excellent tutorial, loved the way you covered both the sides of pillow.

  10. Thank you for that inspiring tutorial:) I have always wanted to make one but always scared to try it. This is the best tutorial I've seen! Thanks!


  11. Micha's Bakeshop , PhilippinesMay 14, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    Very informative. I specially like the idea of using pins to keep decors from falling. Thanks a lot.

  12. Thank you for the tutorial, It's wonderfull!

  13. Surely this has seriously got to be the most beautiful cake tutorial site ever? Thank you for the tranquility.

  14. great job! also how did u do the ballet shoes (chocolate ? )

  15. Fantastic tutorial!!! Thank so much, I have to make a crown cake and need a pillow cake under!

  16. I have read with interest and a lot of contentment. Thank you ever so much for sharing your skills in such detail. The person who stated "....this has seriously got to be the most beautiful cake tutorial site ever...." I absolutely agree. Thank you and again, thank you!!!This will be my next project.

  17. I just looked at your technique and I love it.It is so imaginative, thank you, I am definately going to try it.

  18. Nice tutorial. I have question What is BC? It is in point 3. Thank you!

  19. When Toni used the initials BC, she was referring to buttercream icing.

  20. What did you use to adhere the cord around the cake?

  21. How did you make the dents in the cake for the buttons??

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  23. This is really big hearted of you lady for sharing your skills. Also to answer Anonymous on the ribbon, use water as an adhesive. Lightly dampen a clean kitchen napkin with warm water and trace the sides of the cake with the damp cloth. Place your ribbon on the fondant with a light pressure and it will stick.

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