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Sugar Glass Butterflies

Sugar Glass Butterflies
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Remy Stirs the Pot

Hello Sugar Friends!

 I thought I would show this cute cake I made a few months back for the daughter of a friend. She was having her party at one of those little chef places, so the theme of the cake was just perfect!

When the mom asked me if I could make Remy stirring the soup pot like in the movie, I said sure I can! Then of course, after I hung up the phone, my thought was : How the heck am I going to do that? The pot I can do, but figure modeling is not my strong suit. So I just jumped in and went for it.

I used a real chopping board for the cake base, and I love the effect that gave.

Here is the first body parts of Remy drying. I find this image quite disturbing. He scares me. But not as much as possums.

I put on his face and arms, and then used a bubble tea straw to simulate the spoon he would be holding on the real cake.

Hands make holding the spoon a tad easier for him. His little chef hat makes him official!

Here he is drying so he would have the proper body position for the cake. He no longer scares me. I think he is pretty dern cute now.

Here are 3 layers of cake iced with thickened ganache as I described in this post.

Here are the pot handles drying. An Aussie friend gave me the idea to use aquarium air tubing wrapped in fondant. I taped them down to the table so they would dry in the proper curve. I have no idea if that is food safe, so do some research before you do this.

Here I am working on the cheese and veggies, all made of fondant with tylose.

Cute little carrots.

Swiss and aged Gouda. Tee hee.

I wrapped the cake in white fondant, added the top trim and the handles, and then airbrushed it with copper luster dust. Buttercream makes the soup, with little fondant veggies sprinkled on top.

Despite using the straw to configure his arms, when I put the real spoon in the cake, I could not get it to line up with his hands correctly. After a few choice words, I just decided that he was shifting the spoon from one hand to the other, and my picture caught it mid-shift. Yep, I like that story.

I also chose to ignore the fact that he is walking on the soup more than he is standing on the edge of the pot. (Rat bastard.)

Sometimes things just don't go as we plan, and we have to suck it up. I hate when that happens.

But overall, I was very pleased with the cake, and mom and daughter went crazy over it. Mission accomplished!
Tutorial and Photography by Sharon Zambito. All Rights Reserved. 2009
This tutorial was used with the expressed permission of Sharon Zambito. Content of this post may not be reproduced in any form without written consent of the author.


  1. That cake is soooooo cute, I love all the details. My daughter loves Remy, and her birthday is in a few weeks, I have to ask her what she thinks.

  2. This cake is so awesome! Love all the details and it looks so great on the cutting board.

  3. lol..I think you did awesome..I didn't notice him walking on the cake until you mention it. Is plain too cute!
    Edna :)

  4. This cake is so cute, I think you did very well with Remy (not scary at all, lol).

    Same Edna I didn't notice until it was pointed out either.

  5. Wow, beautiful! The level of detail is amazing. Great job!!


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